22.12.2011 (01:00) After very long time I am back. I can't make news because I have not time first and then I was very lazy... Bud today (or yesterday now..) I have found actual news about Edvin, who have now two concerts in Bucharest. It is 21. and 22. 12. First day of concert he had an accident when he slide down off the wet stairs in hotel and seeking to prevent the precious violin over their own health, dropped on the head, neck and hand. Immediately went to the hospital, where were made all the necessary investigations, but fortunately nothing serious happened to him, but there was question about his performance, because stumbled his hand. According to recent reports, however, he played half of the concert and its participation in the second-today's is still to not sure. The articles are in Hungarian and Romanian, I translated them through google translate, so I don't know, If I understand all the details. Article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4. Otherwise, I'll try to put together the past news since March, and as soon as it is possible I give them here on the web.

8.3.2011 (22:09) Edvin will have concerts in Mexico, in April he will with Plushenko and their Kings on Ice in Budapest and in June he will be on Budapest Summer Festival. Here is list of concerts. Edvin with Adrienn and Maxim were in three program on hungarian TV2: 17.2., 19.2., 25.2. and also on hungarian RTLklub in 2.3.. Another video of Edvin and Adrienn you can see on Storyonline.
Older news, originally from december 2010 - there was news that Adrienn is pregnant. Now she is approximately in 7th month. In article from hungarian Blikk is also information that it will be boy and he will be named Noel. Edvin with Adrien were on Oxygen party. Finally there are photos from Mexico from concerts with Vienna Strauss Orchestra. Few photos from Japan and photos from action of Chivas Regal from Mexico in 2009. Another photos from Mexico you can find on Facebook here and here, and also with photos of first birthday of Maxim (You can see them if you are friend with Adrienn). I have added some videos from Japan (first four) and Mexico.


28.9.2010 (11:40) I have added article from hungarian magazine Story about Edvin's wedding. There is also translation of it. From this article I have added two new photos to gallery -1- -2-. And I have actualized list of concerts too.

2.8.2010 (1:35) I have big news tonight. The newest and also oldest, which I have not translated in April. The most interesting information is, that Edvin is already married almost a year with Adrienn. They have told it in one hungarian TV. She was already 7 and an a half months pregnant. Everything was prepared in secret in a three days. It was small wedding with a family in Budapest. There was also one small problem with a little sweet figures for wedding cake. Because everywhere, they had only bride brunette and blonde fiancé. Luckily this small problem was quickly solved. Edvin has bring from Chille a guitarist, who have played them all favourite songs.
Other articles are writing about Edvins accident, which was happened during his holiday in Croatia. He has slide down on airbed (or how it translate??) and fell of to chasm. He survived luckily the fall from two metres because of pine trees...
Another article is writing that he si going to Cyprus with Adrienn. But without son, which will be with grandparents.
And about concerts... So only what I have read there is, that he is planning concerts in Mexico with Vienna orchestra.
To page I have added 4 new videos from hungarian RTL klub. From one of the videos I have copied few photos from wedding. There is also one photo with Adrienn and of both with Maxim.
Informations are from (with a horrible translation with google translator): Story online - About accident in Croatia, - about wedding, Blikk - about holiday in Cyprus, Story online - About wedding, Story magazin - a part of article.

Now what about older news. So, they are from shows in spring. There are photos from Bucharest, Czech republic, Ukraina, more from St. Peterburg and photos from press-conferences from Kiew and Odessa.
Here are videos from press-conferences - Press-conf. from Kiew, only Edvin, Press-conf. from Kiew, Godfather, Press-conf. from Kiew - all. Then there is Edvin's performance from Odessa. Various videos from trainings from Ukraina - Plushenko is welcoming Edvin, Edvin rehearse for Aranjuez. For sure check YouTube Channel PlushenkoOfficial, where are many backstage videos, where is also Edvin. Look on Tango from Buchurest.
And the last thing is new jacket in Edvin's garderobe .

20.4.2010 (11:10) Today I have many news again. I begin with actualized list of performances.
To projects I have added Edvin's cooperation with Vienna Strauss Orchestra. I have found also new videos from this beautiful concert, which has been in Decmeber and January in Hungary. Videos are from official page of Vienna Strauss Orchestra. And I have found also photos from one of the concerts in Hungary.
Then I have added to Origin of the non original song new songs from new album Hollywood.
Then there are new photos of Edvin with Adrienn too- 1 - 2. Interesting photos from hungarian portal, promo photos with Vienna orchestra. One of this photos has inspired me to made new wallpaper and finally it was inspiration for new portrait of Edvin too.

16.4.2010 (23:55) Hello again, after 2 months. I have a lot of news. Firstly there is my report from show in Kosice with a lot of photos. In galery are photos from St. Peterburg, Moscow, and my photos from Kosice and also photos from Steel Arena and signs of Edvin and Evgeni from shows.
And yes, also two another photos from European Championschip.
I have add to discography Edvin's new album Hollywood. I have it from show (It costs 15€) and I like it very much.
I have also few interesting videos. Edvin and Plushenko were in one episode of our Slovak series Panelak. I have made videos from it, and with videos from shooting uploaded to You Tube. You can see it together with video from news about show and from morning program Telerano here.
I have from Panelak also nice photos.
And the last one - I created fan site of my page on Facebook throught which You can be informed about news here.

24.2.2010 (00:30) Today I have a little reorganized Playlist. I corrected names of some songs, which are now also on his new CD and added 3 remixes - Fireworks, Believe Me and Dojdi and also full version of Tancuet Rossiya.

17.2.2010 (21:00) Edvin is today celebrating 36 birthday. Happy birthday!

29.1.2010 (01:04) So, the first information is, that Edvin's friend Evgeni Plushenko has won his 6th gold medal on European Championschip and Edvin was here by him too. To support him. Edvin has not perform on Gala Exhibition, but here is the photo from men's free program, where he is with Evgeni's wife Jana Rudkovskaya.
Beside this I have few interesting news. Firstly is that, the date of releasing of his new album Hollywood has changed to 5.2., Friday, next week. The good is, that if you don't want to buy it somewhere from abroad, you can buy it, I suppose, on some of that prepared shows of Evgeni Plushenko and Marton, which will be in April. (Of course, if you live in one of the cities, where the shows will be). This was the main reason, why they has come here, to Slovakia, to have press conference. Evgeni has assured that there will be two new programs - one dramatic with accent on music and the second one will be funny. Edvin himself has said: "It will be full of music, it should be great experience for everyone", and there was also mentioned, that they will present his new CD on shows.
Here are four videos, which i have found or recorded from TV and add on You Tube, and you can see them here.
And the nicest new of the day is, that Adrienn has suprised fans on FaceBook with adding of such beautiful photos of her, Edvin and their son Maxim. I afford to add that photos here, because they are so much beautiful.
Two last photos - Edvin and Maxim + Edvin, Adrienn and Maxim Three last photos - Edvin and Adrienn + pregnant Adrienn.

16.1.2010 (14:10) The New Year is here and I have great news. Edvin's new CD Hollywood will be published in fewer than 2 weeks - at Monday 25.1 and his price will be € 9.99.
It wil including olympic music of Evgeni Plushenko - Tango Amore, Cocierto de Aranjuez, Godfather and hollywood hits like Titanic, Evita, Gladiator, Mask of Zorro,and much more. This great information I have found on Edvin's official web, where you can also see, how it will looks .


31.12.2009 (15:33) Evgeni Plushenko and his friend Edvin Marton are preparing for new shows after Olympic games. They will come to Slovakia, Czech republic, Germany and newly to Poland and Sweden.
Here are links for tickets to Slovakia, Czech republic, Sweden and here is page about shows in Germany.
And beside this, here is video with Edvin and Adrien from hungarian morning program where they were as guests before Christmas.

11.12.2009 (21:10) Todays news are from Mexico. It is photos from Matamoros, and two videos from Tampico. And also one video - Victory - from International women box championschip is below them. The one big add is english version of photogallery, where you can find, since now, all photos, which was added.

10.12.2009 (22:39) Here is photo of Edvin with Maxim in better quality.

9.12.2009 (21:05) I have great news! It is first photo of Edvin's son, which he show in morning show of RTL club. Here you can see photo of Edvin with Maxim. Maxim has six weeks and Edvin has already tried his new role of father - bathe and diaper. Maxim is very quiet, smiling baby.
If you know hungarian, you can read more here.
And yes, you can already see new Christmas wallpaper on begin with Edvin and Evgeni.

25.10.2009 (23:45) Because we are next week celebrating All saints day and All deceased memory day (Here in Slovakia), which is conected in other countries with Celebration of Halloween, I have made one crazy and funny wallpaper with Edvin and Plushy. This picture is also on begin of web. I hope you like it.... Like joke... :)

22.10.2009 (17:00) Today I have great news, that Edvin and Adrienn have alredy became parents of small Maxim. He was born a three weeks sooner, probably yeasterday at 9:20, he has 53 cm and 2,8 kg. Edvin has cut navel string. Soon after this happiness Edvin had to leave to China, where he continues in concerts. I wish to happy family good luck and to small Maxim to be health. Source: Velvet, Blikk .

22.9.2009 (20:10) On Edvin's official site was added new dates for concerts in Hungary with Vienna Strauss Orchestra. I have found also promo video to it and also added video from Plushenko's wedding, where is Edvin.

10.9.2009 (01:40) Yesterday I have found very nice pictures from action in St. Peterburg which was in May 2009. It was awards of The 50 most famous people in St.Peterburg, which Edvin attend too. But because english gallery is still under construction, you can see photos in slovak version of gallery and because Edvin has had here very nice tuxedo, I have added it into his garderobe thogether with another his new clothes, which aren't here yet. So there are 3 new jackets, 1 coat, 1 shirt, 1 sark, 1 trousers a 1 boots (green).
And I have found also videos from that awards.
Beside it, into garderobe I have added few new pictures: -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6-.
And I have uploaded 7 new videos from Kings on Ice from Milano and some another I will add soon. And last... Photos from Litva, which was added a month ago into slovak gallery.

26.8.2009 (23:55) Into koncerts list was added 5 performances in China and 5 in Mexico and one performance of Kings on Ice in Turkey. I am working also on english version of photogallery, which slovak version is already online and where are few news pictures.

25.7.2009 (23:20) Another photos from Pinzolo were added, another photos with Adrienn -1- -2-. And from some action : -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- . I have added also one date to list of concerts. And finally videos from show from Bratislava from TV.

17.7.2009 (23:17) Thanks Adela, we have great news about next tour in Europe and about his new CD too. As like last year, she was on Summer training camp in Pinzolo, Italy, where is regularly training Evgeni Plushenko. Yeasterday has come also Edvin and thanks Adela, we get to know few interesting news. She took also photos and videos. Edvin was talking about next Show tour in Europe, which should be in March 2010 and in the same month should be released his fourth CD.

3.7.2009 (9:45) In today's issue of news paper Blikk is written about baby of Edvin and Adrienn too. There is also nice photo, which I have added on web together with another one. -1- -2-

2.7.2009 (9:53) Edvin will be dad! According to hungarian magazine Story, it was long time secret not only for public, but also for thier family. Edvin has revealed that Adrienn is in fifth month and they will have a boy. And he also say, that soon as they have decided to have together baby, Adrienn was pregnant. Now we know, why he has decided to get married. So again, good luck for them!
And in another hungarian news paper Blikk is written, how influence sign on humans. Because Edvin is Aquarius, he loves water and that's why he spend his free time on water, on his yacht and not only abroad but also at home in Budapest on Danube. Water brings him inspiration when he composes music. Here is also photo.

1.7.2009 (20:00) 18.6. was presentation of new project of Edvin and DJ Antonio in Opera club. From their new album they showed song Dance Russia singing by Nastja Zadorozhnaja, and remix of songs Fireworks and Believe. I have added photos from it.

19.6.2009 (23:18) According to hungarian portal Story has Edvin in these days engaged with his long-time girlfriend Adrienn. It was happened on Cyprus by place where Greek goddes of love Aphrodithe was born from foam. In this occasion I have added five new photos of Edvin with Adrienn. I wish to Edvin to have luck this time and be happy with her.

17.6.2009 (11:06) STV 3 will broadcast recording of this year Evgeni Plushenko show. Dates and times of all broadcasts you find here and here is on-line live stream.

16.6.2009 (00:08) Added photos from Lithuania from radio Mix and from concert in Godvil club.

13.6.2009 (23:01) In today post it is huge number of photos from last year Eurovision : -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8- -9- -10- -11- -12- -13- -14- -15 -16- -17- -18- -19- -20- -21- -22- -23- -24- -25- -26- -27- -28- -29- -30- -31- -32- -33- -34- -35- -36- -37- -38- -39- -40- -41- -42- -43- -44- -45- -46- -47- -48- -49- -50 -51- -52- -53- -54- -55- -56- -57- -58- -59- -60- -61- -62- -63- -64- -65- -66- -67- -68- -69- -70- -71 -72- -73- -74- -75- -76- -77- -78- -79- -80- -81- -82- -83- -84- -85- -86- -87- -88- -89- -90- -91- -92- -93- -94- -95- -96- -97- -98- -99- -100- -101- -102- -103- -104- -105- -106- -107- -108- -109- -110- -111- -112- -113- -114- -115- and also more photos from Lithuania: -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6-.

8.6.2009 (04:07) We have new look! I hope you will like it! :)

6.6.2009 (11:33) Today I have added more photos from Eurovision, presentation of Jana's book, and then from some Oriflame action and Children's day, where Edvin, Plushenko and Bilan prepared for children their Eurovision performance and here you can see video from it.

3.6.2009 (00:46) Two videos from hungarian TV were added, and also video Gipsy dance, photos from Eurovision, another four photos from presentation of book by Jana, photos from interview in Lithuania, and I have added also many new photos -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8-. And last info today is date of concert in Lithuania, it will be 12.6. in Godvil club.

27.5.2009 (10:44) I have added to videos new section Kings on Ice from Budapest. Interview from radio Mix from Litva. Interview you can find also here, in russian language.

21.5.2009 (22:25) For today there are another 2 photos from presentation of Jana's book and Dima's new album, and a video.

20.5.2009 (02:56) This Monday was presentation of book by Yana Rudkovska and Edvin was here too and has showed his new jacket.

19.5.2009 (19:37) Two weeks ago were Edvin together with his girfriend Adrienn on wedding of hungarian femcee Szilvia Magony.

18.5.2009 (00:40) The Eurovision is over and even if our trio didn't appeared at Finale in Moscow and Dima was singing without Edvin and Evgeni, they were at show like viewers. And that's why I can show you photo of Edvin with Evgeni's girlfriend Yana and also part of show, where they were as quests.

6.5.2009 (22:00) Today I have added TV reports and thanks Cekoni also 4 another songs recorded from videos.

5.5.2009 (22:26) Yesterday, on Russian official Edvin's web, was added new information about common new album "Antonio Stradivari" by Edvin Marton & DJ Antonio. CD will include for example new summer hit Dance Russia (Tancuet Rossija , which you can find in playlist too), together with world famous song Believe, or The gold Olympic song Tosca Fantasy (I suppose it will be some remix...), and also for 40th anniversary of the most popular Russian cartoon The Bremen Town Musicians, they remake songs "Niccheho na svete lucchshe netu" (Nothing is not better on world) and "Lucch solnccha zolotogo" (Ray of Golden Sun) singing by Dima Bilan and resident of show Comedy Club Alexander Revvy. The presentation of album will be in week of Eurovision in Moscow. And by the answer, which has wrote me Edvin (on question which I have asked him in Fan-zone in Russian web), it will be at 28.5. and album will be on sale in June. Little picture of cover you can see here. The main song Dance Russia is singing by Nastya Zadorozhnaya, star of Russian MTV.

27.4.2009 (22:55) I have added some new informations to Edvin's bio.

22.4.2009 (18:20) Finally, I have translated my write-up, I hope you will like it (I was trying to translate the best how I know.).

20.4.2009 (20:25) Today it is huge videos from shows in Slovakia, , photos from Bratislava 1, 2, 3. And I have uploaded list of concerts.

18.4.2009 (15:10) So, finally, I can write news, because till now, I was working on huge number of photos which I have made on Thursday's show, which was aboslute FANTASTIC! More and with details I will describe in report which I will write. In meantime you can see huge photos and also videos from it.

15.4.2009 (20:15) Yesterday was show in Zilina and here you can see articles, in which is written also about Edvin and here is video. On Russian oficial Edvin's page, they have published new interview, where, besides always asked questions about his violin, studies, Emmy awards and Eurovision, he is talking about Russian agency Ice Vision which manage him in Russia, they has also asked him about his new projects... Besides already mentioned project with Speilberg, he was talking about his on-line radio, AND MAINLY, that he is working on new album "Hollywood" and is preparing new show (about which he was talking in another discussion, has told, that he will cooperate with 50-members Vienna orchestra|, and he is also talking about his cooperation with DJ Antonio, which who he is already recording another new song (two you can already hear here) on Paganini's melodies. Full article - 1, 2, 3.

13.4.2009 (17:30) Today I start aktualizations with photos from Prague by various fans, I have also added videos from show (full show You can watch on-line on web of czech Television). Besides this I have added two videos from two various performances, and two videos from Golden Ice of Stradivari from Septemer from show in Bratislava - TV recording. And there are also news that Plushenko (and some other people from cast) are since yesterday in Bratislava. Shows in Slovakia are starting tomorrow in Zilina, then it is in Bratislava and they finished here in Kosice in Thursday.

8.4.2009 (22:19) Today starts tour of shows in Italia-Turin, tomorrow they continue to Prague and next week they come to Slovakia to Zilina, Bratislava and Kosice and then to another cities. To web I have added older interview with Edvin in russian language, where he is talking, besides another things, about his new album, which will be full of lovesongs and also there will be famous movie lovesongs.

25.3.2009 (19:30) I have added new playlist, with concert Kings on Ice.

13.3.2009 (18:13) Ice show of Evgeni Plushenko with Edvin, will be also in Zilina and Bratislava. And because of that, list of shows were actualized.

8.3.2009 (22:58) I have added few beutiful pictures from Edvin's russian web - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And also new song - Violin (Edvin feat. DJ Antonio). was added to playlist. In playlist with yellow color

6.3.2009 (10:20) Evgeni Plushenko with Edvin Marton come also to Slovakia! It will be 16.4.2009 at 20:00 in Steel Arena in Kosice. Tickets to Plushenko's exhibition with many exclusive guests like Stephane Lambiel or Alyona Savchenko + Robin Szolkowy, are for sale since yesterday!

1.3.2009 (21:52) Photos from press-conference were added and also three videos in hungarian language.

28.2.2009 (00:33) I have sorted section with videos and added videos from Emmy 2006 awards and from Comedy club, concert in Budapest from 2004, concert Stradivarius show from St.Peterburg 2007, archive video from performance in Royal Albert hall and also interesting video from performance on Alternative Hair.

23.2.2009 (23:25) Here you can see video from Press-conference.

23.2.2009 (21:55) This time there are another photos from ZD Awards. And yes, today were in Prague on Press-conferecne Edvin and Evgeni. It was about show in Prague, which will be at 9.4. It will be new show with new quests like Stephane Lambiel or Kurt Browning. Evgeni shows here also his new short program on Edvin's music. Tickets will be on sale next Monday.

17.2.2009 (22:08) For today there are photos with Edvin's girlfriend Adrienn.

16.2.2009 (23:56) Today is 3rd year from the day when Plushy won his first gold medal with programs on Edvin's music Tosca and Godfather, and tomorrow we celebrate Edvin's 35th birthday. I’m wishing him another year Of laughter, joy and fun, Surprises, love and happiness, and many, many another successes, a lots of creativity in comopsing of new songs. I have also added some photos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

10.2.2009 (22:15) Another new photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Besides them I have added new section, it is playlist with all Edvin's officialy unpublished songs.

9.2.2009 (22:30) Another section with photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. And probably Edvin's new album will be published this month. You can watch video, where he is recording new songs (Titanic and Mask of Zorro). And some pictures, which I have already added, I have from his new russian side, where are five playlists in which you can hear also few new songs. But I have downloaded them and maybe tomorrow I will get them here in some playlist.

8.2.2009 (21:30) I have added another beautiful photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and also photos from his childhood.

8.2.2009 (18:20) All videos from concert in Zurich were added and also with videos from program Live with Dima Bilan, where was also Edvin.

6.2.2009 (14:10) I have added many interesting photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

5.2.2009 (21:18) Photos from ZD Awards were added.
30.1.2009 (11:35) Many photos of Edvin with Evgeni were added.
27.1.2009 (10:50) I added Una furtiva lagrima from Zurich. This concert will be on hungarian TV Duna 12.2. at 23:45. And I update list of performances.
19.1.2009 (9:25) Videos Fire dance and Magic Stradivarius are already in videos from Zurich concert...
11.1.2009 (20:20) I added selection of Edvin's videos which made Adela. Warm ups, show.
8.1.2009 (00:10) Welcome in New Year and I already add many new pictures from Ice Heart - before show. And Adela have many beautiful photos on her web from Kings on Ice from Milano and also videos.

27.12.2008 (16:40) At last I find out the name of one Vivaldi's song, which Edvin played also in Budapest. It is Vivaldi's Winter, not Summer, like it is written on DVD Stradivarius. I corrected this information in write-up of concert from Budapest and also inDiscography by DVD Stradivarius, and i added here list of Edvin's unpublished songs.

25.12.2008 (13:33) I upload videos from Live with Plushenko on new server and add here.

24.12.2008 (22:50) Welcome on new English version of my webside about hungarian violinist Edvin Marton. I translated everyting besides long texts like my write-ups from shows and concerts and articles and interviews. They are automaticaly translated by google. I know that it is not the best translation, but I think it's better than nothing. And please, excuse me, if is something on this side translated bad, I know that my english is not the best. Thank you and I hope you will enjoy this page. Your webmaster Henrietta.