Name: Csry Lajos Edvin in Hungary, Edvin Lajos Csry in English
Artistic name:Edvin Marton
Birth day:17.2.1974
Birth place:Tiszaljak, Ukraine
Hair color:dark brown
Eye color:blue
Height:181 cm (approx.)
Education *:1983-90 - Tchaikovsky Music Academy in Moscow
1990-97 - Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest
1994 - Julliard School of Music in New York
1995 - Music Academy in Vienna (see information notes)
Languages:hungarian, ukrainian, english, russian, german, little french and italian
1991 (probably) - Winner of first prize in Franz Liszt competition (and many more during studies)
1997 - World competition in Montreal, Canada. Like a winner he got chance and rights to play on Stradivarius violin, on which also played Paganini.(16.8.)
1998 - Gold winner for his virtuoso violin playing and high professionalism at an international music competition, Rome, Italy.
2006 - Emmy awards (1.5.)
2008 - Eurovision Song contest (together with Dima Bila as singer and Evgeni Plushenko as skater, 24.5.)
2008 - Guirlande d'Honneur by Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sport (Together with Evgeni Plushenko)
2009 - ZD Music Awards (together with Plushenko and Bilan for Believe videoclip)

(I am working on new bio based on Edvin's biograpical book.)
Studies in Vienna
It is interesting, that you can find in his profiles (on internet webs) mention about his studies in Vienna, but I haven't find any detailed informations about it. But he had promotions in Budapest in year 1997 (probably, because, as it is written in his biography, it was after Montreal competition), he couldn't have it earlier in Vienna....
There were not, any information, in his biography, about recording of album Sarasate. Only what is sure, is year 1996, as year of release.
Problem with dates
In Edvin's bio is problem with dates, because also his biography is almost without any year, I can only estimate years of events by others known dates and years, on pursuant to which, I can theoretically calculate, or suppose next years or his age.

Interesting infos:
Surname "Marton"
2003 Lajos Edvin Csry changes his the surname to that of his Grandmother Illona Marton and from that time is known as Edvin Marton.

Edvin owns two flats. One in Budapest and second one in Monte Carlo. He has apartments on Ibiza. He loves cars and is captain of yacht.

In year 2005 Edvin met his girlfriend Adrienn Gombosi, on Miss Balaton beauty show, which she won. After Eurovision there were some rumours about triple betrothals (Edvin, Evgeno, Dima). But if you ask him for wedding, he look on you, if you are crazy and assure you, that in next time he don't prepare nothing like this. Because first, he must find some bride... Of course he is still jokeing.

Edvin owns 16 violins, including his first, on which he played as young boy.

Edvin is always talking about his cooperation with director Steven Spielber about film Caesar, to which he should compose music. Mysetry about it is, that there is no information about this film...


Informations about his life to year 2003 and about Emmy Awards, depends mainly on Edvin's biography . (I must translate that biography, which I have wrote in Slovak language already)
Some informations are from booklet from CD Sarasate.
Something is from this web, where is written about his carieer
Specification of some dates are from Edvin's official russian web and Ice vision web.
HXM - 23.12.2008, 27.4.2009