Edvin has 16 violins including his very first violin which has 30 cm, which he got on his five birthday.

Stradivarius violin
Violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1697. These violins are famous for the quality of their sound, which has defied attempts to explain or reproduce. Violins get name - Sradivarius. Edvin name them "Cunci", but nobody don't know why.

Violin by Joseph Antonius Rocca
Edvin's violin is from 1865.
Joseph Antonius Rocca live in 19. century, he is one of the best italian makers in 19. century. In past his work was in obscuration of another makers, but today demand after his instruments dramaticaly grow up. Violins have warm, rich tone and perfect quality.
Edvin presented this violin in one episode of Live with Plushenko.

Violin by Carlo Guiseppe Testore
On album Sarasate Edvin had played on violin by Testore from year 1698. Carlo Giuseppe Testore live between 17. and 18. century. He is their discoverer and the best maker from Testore dynasty. His instruments are are and requested. Violins have rare warm tone and perfect quality and they are comfort to play.