Kings on Ice, Golden Ice of Stradivari
Evgeni Plushenko and Edvin Marton created grandiose show full of figureskating art and perfect music. Each time, they bring with many famous skaters and artists on ice.
Kings on Ice (Pán ľadu) - 16.4.2008 Košice, my write-up and photos. (For now only automatic translation by google.)
Golden Ice of Stradivari (Pán ľadu 2 - Sex Bomb) - 25.9.2008 Košice, my write-up,photos and video. (For now only automatic translation by google)
Evgeni Plushenko - World exhibition - 16.4.2009 Kosice, my report, photos and videos..
Ice Olympic Show - 13.4.2010 Kosice, my report and photos.

Stradivarius Show
Edvin Marton had created the Stradivarius Show. Fusion of the classical music and modern rhytms, spectacular light, laser and projection show, beautiful girls of Monte Carlo Orchestra.
Write-up,photos and video from concert in Budapest on which i have been at 29.8.2008. (For now only automatic translation by google)

Edvin Marton & Vienna Strauss Orchestra

Vienna Strauss Orchestra, an orchestra with a long tradition since 1996. The numerous ranges of events in recent decades were presented in Vienna's most beautiful palaces. The Orchestra plays pieces from Mozart to Johann Strauss with between 17 and 40 musicians. The stations on the way to a successful, global career included: Paris, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Tokio, Mexico, Brussels, Salzburg and many more
Today the Vienna Strauss Orchestra one of the best orchestras in the world. In Concert with Emmy Award winner star violinist Edvin Marton, singers Claudia Guarini and Juan Fernando Gutierez and Blau Donau Ballet dancers, the orchestra performs the most beautiful concert in the world. This is the first time the original Vienna Strauss Orchestra has come to Hungary. The orchestra is conducted by Edvin Marton. This opportunity is not only due to the Stradivari violin he uses, but also his outstanding violin play.

Edvin was also member of hungarian musical Dracula, where he presented devilish violinist. It was performed in Budapest in year 2007.