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Bitter Sweet Symphony
Bitter Sweet Symphony is song by group The Verve. Released in 1997. Autors of music are Mick Jagger, Keith Richards.
Original song
Una furtiva lagrima
Una furtiva lagrima is romance of italian opera L'elisir d'amore - Drink of love by Gaetano Donizetti from year 1832. Second act, second scene.

Una furtiva lagrima
Negli occhi suoi spunto:
Quelle festose giovani
Invidiar sembro.
Che piu cercando io vo?
Che piu cercando io vo? *

M'ama! Si, m'ama, lo vedo, lo vedo.
Un solo instante i palpiti
Del suo bel cor sentir!
I miei sospir, confondere
Per poco a' suoi sospir!
I palpiti, i palpiti sentir,
Confondere i miei coi suoi sospir
Cielo, si puo morir!
Di piu non chiedo, non chiedo.
Ah! Cielo, si puo, si puo morir,
Di piu non chiedo, non chiedo.
Si puo morir, si puo morir d'amor.
One furtive tear
in her eyes appeared:
the festive youths
it seemed to envy.
What more could I possibly want?
What more could I possibly want?

She loves me! Yes, she loves me, I see it. I see it.
Just for an instant to hear
the beats of her heart!
To almost confuse my sighs
with those of her!
The beats, the beats of her heart to hear,
to confuse my sighs with hers...
Heavens! Yes, I could die!
I ask for nothing more, nothing.
Oh, heavens! Yes, I could, I could die!
I ask for nothing more, nothing.
Yes, I could die! Yes, I could die of love.
* In Edvin's version it is until that brake, then i don't know what is singing here...
Original song
Birdman is originally song Skylark by Romanian composer Grigoraş Dinicu. Edvin's version is slower.
Original song
Gloomy Sunday
Gloomy sunday is song written in 1933 by hungarian pianist and composer Rezső Seress, in which the singer mourns the untimely death of a lover and contemplates suicide.
In year 1968 autor of that song did commit suicide by jump from window of his apartment.
Ukážka pôvodnej piesne
Panis Angelicus
Panis Angelicus is the penultimate strophe of hymn Sacris solemniis, which wrote Saint Thomas Aquinas for Feast of Corpus Christi as part of a complete liturgy of the Feast

Panis angelicus
fit panis hominum;
Dat panis coelicus
figuris terminum:
O res mirabilis!
Manducat Dominum.
Pauper, servus et humilis.
The angelic bread
becomes the bread of men;
The heavenly bread
ends all prefigurations:
What wonder!
a poor and humble servant
consumes the Lord.
Original song
Music of song Sarabande - Suite No. 4 v D minor composed by George Frideric Handel.
Original song
Beethoven - Symphony no. 5 c-minor.
Symphony no.5 - Osudová, Op. Op. 67 was written by Ludwig vvan Beethoven in 1804–08. This symphony is one of the most popular and well-known compositions in all of European classical music, and one of the most often-played symphonies.
Original song
Love story
Song Love story is main theme of Love story movie from year 1970. Composed by Francis Lai.
Original song
Romeo and Juliet
Song Romeo and Juliet is main theme of movie Romeo and Juliet from year 1968. Composed by Nino Rota.
Original song
Hungarian rhapsody no. 6
Hungarian rhapsody no. 6 is sixth work from 19 Hungarian rhapsodies, composed by Franz Liszt for piano. This one rhapsody is splitted to three parts:
Introduction (Tempo Giusto - Presto)
Lassan (Andante)
Friska (Allegro)
Edvin plays thirt part of this rhapsody - Friska. The melody is played in semiquavers and is considered to be quite difficult.
Original song od 4:38.
Oda of Joy
Oda of Joy is concluding part of Beethoven's symphony no. 9 moll, op. 125 to Schiller's Oda of Joy (Ode "An die Freude").
"Oda of Joy" was composed by Beethoven in year 1823. It is musical poem by Friedrich Schiller. Autor in text express idealistic vision of all humanity, which share also van Beethoven. Hymn was musicaly stylized by famous conductor Herbert von Karajan. It is without text in universal language of music. It express ideal of freedom, peace and solidarity, and had premiere at 7.may 1824 in Vienna.

Carmina Burana - O Fortuna
O Fortuna is a poem from Carmina Burana, a collection of Latin poems written in early 13th century. Fortuna is the goddess of fortune in Roman Mythology. German composer Carl Orff selected 24 poems from the collection and set them to new music between 1935 and 1936. O Fortuna is the most famous movement from Orff's Carmina Burana composition, and opens and closes the cycle.
Text of Edvin's version is abbreviated, contains first three sentences from first strophe, first eight and last sentence from thirt strophe.

O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis.

Sors salutis
et virtutis
michi nunc contraria,
est affectus
et defectus
semper in angaria.
Hac in hora
sine mora
mecum omnes plangite!
O Fortune,
like the moon
Stands constantly changing.

Fate, in health
and virtue,
is against me
driven on
and weighted down,
always enslaved.
So at this hour
without delay
everyone weep with me!
Original song
Song Tosca is song E lucevan le stelle (And the stars were shining) - final romance from thirt act from italian opera Tosca composed by Giacomo Puccini. It sings Tosca's lover, painter Mario Cavaradossi, who lament while waiting for his coming execution.
Original song
Vivaldi Spring
Vivaldi Spring Allegro is first part of violin concert Four Seasons from Antonio Vivaldi, from year 1725. It is splitted to four parts - sonets - spring, summer, autumn, winter. Vivaldi describe in them running of all year. Each season is compose from few sentences:
spring: birds, bourns, pastoral idilic, village dance
summer: Zefyr, Boreás, peace, mosquitos, storm, tempest
autumn: dance, crop, drinky dream, hunt, getaway
winter: cold, wind, rain, fire-place, on ice
Song which had hoosen by Edvin is from spring - 1.Alegro. Spring is all over us. Birds celebrate their come back with panegyric song and bourns are gentle polished by breeze. Storms, which signalize summer, announce spreading of their dark cloak over the sky. Then they die in distance of silence and birds again bring their charming songs.
Original song
Badinerie is short and nice dance. Song Badinerie composed Johann Sebastian Bach and it is from his Orchestrate suite no. 2 in B minor for flute and strings.
Original song
O sole mio
O sole mio (Oh my sun) is world famous neapol song from year 1898, which composed Eduardo di Capua.
Original song
Paganini 5
Paganini's Caprice č.5 is one from 24 pieces composed by virtuoso violinist Niccolo Paganini in 18. century. The piece is known for its speed and technical difficulty.
Original song
Edvin's instrumental version is from theme song My Heart Will Go On from movie Titanic, from year 1997. Music by James Horner, lyrics by Will Jennings, song is singing by Celine Dion.
Original song
Concierto de Aranjuez
The Concierto de Aranjuez is a composition for classical guitar and orchestra by the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo. Written in 1939, it is probably Rodrigo's best-known work
Song was inspired by the gardens at Palacio Real de Aranjuez, the spring resort palace and gardens built by Philip II in the last half of the 16th century and rebuilt in the middle of the 18th century by Ferdinand VI. The work attempts to transport the listener to another place and time through the evocation of the sounds of nature.
Original song
Edvin's instrumental version is from musical Evita, song Don't Cry for Me Argentina, originally from year 1978. It is most common from movie Evita, year 1996 with Madonna as Evita. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics Tim Rice.
Original song
The Gladiator
Next Edvin's instrumental song is from movie Gladiator, year 2000, and it is theme song "Now We Are Free" . Music by Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard a Klaus Badelt, lyrics Lisa Gerrard, and she is singing it too.
Original song
Mask of Zorro
A beautiful song I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You is from movie The Mask of Zorro, year 1998. It is dueto of Marc Antony and Tina Arena. Music by James Horner, lyrics by Will Jennings.
Original song
This song is from movie Batman Forever from year 1995. It is song Kiss from a Rose, singing by Seal. Music by Seal, lyrics by Trevor Horn.
Original song
Zorba the Greek
Sirtaki is popular Greek dance made in 1964 for Zorba the Greek movie. It is not a traditional Greek folkdance, but a mixture of slow and fast versions of the hasapiko dance. The dance and the music (by Míkis Theodorakis) are also called Zorbá's dance, Zorbas, or "the dance of Zorbas". Original song
This song is one of The Chopin nocturnes constitute 21 short pieces for solo piano written by Frédéric Chopin between 1827 and 1846. This one is adapted song No.20 cis-moll, form year1830. Edvin's version is for violin and piano and it is faster..
Original song
The Godfather
Edvin's modification with name The Godfather is originally instrumental version of song Love Theme The Godfather from movie Godfather composed by Nino Rota in 1972 for first movie. This melody you can also hear in songs Sicilian Pastorale (from half), Apollonia, The Godfather Finale (in begin) and it is also on soundtrack of second movie in song Michael Comes Home
Original song
Oficially Unpublished songs
Paganini - Caprice No.24
Paganini's Caprice č.24 is one from 24 pieces composed by virtuoso violinist Niccolo Paganini in 18. century. It is widely considered one of the most difficult pieces written for the solo violin. It requires many highly advanced techniques. Most violinists even after studying for many years still lack the technique required for such a demanding piece.
Thanks this song Edvin won world competition in Montreal beside another 350 participants and also won rights to play on Stradivarius violin.
Song Bad is originally song by Michael Jackson from Album Bad from year 1987. Jackson himself is autor of the song.
Original song

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