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To violin he signed on for love
Lord of ice charm
Plushenko recovered it them
Showman Plushenko charmed Kosice, translated article
Ice parade
Nude on ice
Gala performance of Lord of Ice and his thegns
Genius of ice
Wins Russ Dima Bilan
Russia wins also Eurovision
Play on violin teach me in Russia
Most guarded from Plushenko's exhibition was music instrument
Violinist Edvin Marton: „On Eurovision win Plushenko, Stradivarius and genial voice o Dima Bilan“
He advise to Plushenko in fashion
300 old stradivaris again here
Courteous violinist of Plushenko, Edvin Marton can't live without audience
Lod of ice is back
Audience again surrend to Lord of Ice
Lord of Ice charmed Slovakia
Edvin Marton blaze out on ice
I am preparing to inscribe to Guiness book of records
Bachelors Plushenko and Marton dissipated in Minsk
Edvin Marton almost accused of bigamy