Edvin Marton almost accused of bigamy
Hungarian magazine Story - 22.7.2010

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Thanks Anita from Plushenko hungarian forum for article and translation to english .

Translation by Anita (there can be some mistakes):

Edvin Marton almost accused of bigamy

"Later we will want to keep a big wedding to all our friends, acquaintances"
The secret wedding was organized in 24 hours So far they concealed it but the wedding was held before the birth of their son. The fiancee dealing with papers was astonished. It turned out that her fiancÚ is still married ...

News told about engagement, then all lost the gloom. There were plenty of excitements before the wedding, because when the bride wanted to get the necessary papers had been confronted him with dismay, that her lover still has married!
"I called the district wedding hall, where the matching data revealed that the records show that Edvin is still married! I winced in my stomach, and I knew that this was impossible. It turned out, they did not obtain a court order in divorce twelve years ago. It took months when we organized the papers. "

The bride was seven and a half months pregnant, when she said the happy yes. The wedding was organized only twenty-four hours, but Adrienne's oppinion is just as it was, such as that every girl dreams of. The paper was not important for Edvin, but he realized that his lover why want to officially connected with their lives before birth of the baby. "We were on summer holiday in Croatia and Adri has raised: after all, it would be important to marry. She wanted to take my name, and thus paternity declaration was not necessary. The next day we called for the office of the registrar, and also found two days later date. Divided the tasks I undertook to organize the dinner, Adri arranged the cake, the dresses, the flowers and the photographer. I had everything only one day. It was only at the last moment when she learned that to make for the most beautiful day of her life in one of the presidential suite hotel in downtown. From there, a limousine took her to the Buda Castle in the wedding hall." "Edvin's musician friend from Chile played guitar our favorite song - told the happy wife. - Arriving at the dinner could not move from the lot of flowers. The ornamental were in fact thousands of fibers of roses from Colombia. Even the words have stopped at the sight. Both of our tears dropped of the emotion."
With regard to the pregnant bride's condition it was not big wedding, attended only eight related to the romantic dinner, to which the lighted windows of the hotel with a magnificent backdrop of Budapest. Of course they could not travel to the honeymoon because of Adri's condition but which has been delayed, it does not disappear: make up for soon.