Naked show-biz of Jana Rudkovskaya

Special about divorces (in Russian language). I translated sentences which i understand:

In time 1:34 and 5:49 speaks, about his first wife Orsolya. They met when they had 18 years on music academy in Budapest. They loved each other and after five years, when they had 23 years they get married. After a week of wedding, Orsolye told him, that she loves Laszlo (I know that he named Lorenc, maybe Edvin in that monent can't remembered) and not him. Laszlo (Lorenc) was his friend, who was his deponent on marriage. Edvin also helped him bought dinner-coat on wedding, he was pianist. It was so hard for Edvin, he lived it so much.

Edvin in time 3:41 speaks, that she told him, that she love Laszlo and not him and she don't want live with him but with Laso. He flaked out from that, and three months cryied.
In time 7:04 he speaks something about common live, and about divorce, but i don't understad much...

Edvin in tame 1:15 speaks about apportionment of possession, and he just didn't had any time to bought something, than they didn't have anyting to apportionment and their divorce was quick.
Edvin in time 2:57 speaks about that, that he don't understand how somebody can't allow see mother her children (Rudkovskaya's case, which ex-husband, didn't want allow to see her their children), which she love.
In time 5:49 he speaks about showbussines, where are many divorces, than he speaks something about life of artists, that when they find somebody who can understand their live, then there won't be divorce...